Let the Truth Be Told.

We are living in a world of greed and corruption. We elect politicians in office because they say that they are going to do this and that. Truth Be Told, when they get there, they become just like their predecessor. Fatten my pockets and tell the people what they want to hear. 

If you are feed up with the lies and the trickery, get TO know the candidate before you cass your ballet. When you know what your candidate stands for, then you make your decision. We as a nation get caught up on the brand so much, that we lose focus of what the mission is. 

The mission has always been the same, "Make Americans Great Again." When you take the focus away from the people and put it on the land, you open the door for greed. Open your eyes and see capitalism for what it truly is , it doesn't care how many people loss as long as their bank accounts keeps winning. 

All I ask is that you all take a look at what you are paying for when you spend hundreds of dollars versus tens of dollars. They don't call it "BRAND POWER" for nothing. 

In closing, ditch the BRAND, and become your own.

              -RISE ABOVE AND BE GREAT-